Vending machines for jobs & help

Income in < 30 seconds


Our Motivation
COVID-19 hits vulnerable people the most

Homeless and poor people are in particular at risk from Corona

The Idea
Self-help terminals for homeless people

Immediate access to jobs, health care, and social services

Basic Income Machines are vending machines for jobs.

Users can pick-up tasks in their nearby neighborhood in less than 30 seconds.

Partners & Supporters

BIMs is an open source co-creation project between NGOs, government organisations, and technology providers.

Background: #WirVsVirus

Basic Income Machine (BIM) is an open-source co-creation initiative exploring the opportunities of AI for social work. Corona hits vulnerable groups like homeless and people living in poverty the hardest. The economic impact of the crises will put many people out of work. AI automation is expected to make up to 45% of employees redundant during the next 20 years. At the same time are opportunities for AI in social work, health care, and employment services hardly used.