Vending machines for jobs

Research of technologies for homeless people and universal basic income


Our Motivation
COVID-19 hits vulnerable people the most

Homeless and poor people are in particular at risk from Corona

The Idea
Self-help terminals

Immediate access to jobs, health care, and social services

Basic Income Machines are vending machines for jobs.

Users can pick-up tasks in their nearby neighborhood in less than 30 seconds.

Our Team

Together we re-invent access to jobs, health care and social services

Tobias Martens

Ellias El Tahiri

Barbara Fluegge

Lisa Schulte-Kortnack

Jessica Mueller

Clemens Sebastian Arnold

IoT & AI innovators support our mission

We pioneer future business models for societies in transition

BIM is an excellent initiative! Our nonprofit institute specializes in the research and implementation of digital assistance systems and is happy to contribute to the implementation of BIM.
Prof. Dr. Martin Przewloka - CEO, Institut für Digitale Assistenzsysteme e.V. & CDO, msg systems AG automotive

Partners & Supporters

BIMs are open source co-creation projects

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