Idea: Let's imagine machines for basic income

We launched the project idea at #WirVsVirus. Read more about the original project pitch and join us brainstorming.

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COVID-19 hits vulnerable people the most

Homeless and poor people are in particular at risk from Corona

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Vending machines for jobs

Find work and help in < 30 seconds

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Next Steps
Intersectoral public good technology innovations

Starting in H2/2020

Co-creation CfP

Crowd-sourcing of ideas

Social Worker, IoT Engineers, Business Modell Architects, Designer, Civil Servants, NGOs, Security Providers, Public Transport Operators, Homeless Newspapers, Homeless Shelters (..)

Matchmaking activity

Innovation process kick-off

All participants develop shared ideas for AI-based use cases in e.g. social work, medical care, and unemployment assistance solutions.

Launch of pilots

Roll-out of testbeds

Partners of the initiative launch 10+ new initiatives that are supported by the BIM network of AI experts, industry practitioners, and researchers.